Our Values

Our values support our mission, shape our culture and guide how we conduct business day-to-day.


To be the global leader of market insight.


The mission of Belong Solutions is to improve the business of our clients, the lives of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

We commit to providing solutions that create wisdom from data, embracing innovative technology and stimulating intellectual curiosity. Our passion is to exceed client expectations and create customer loyalty through continuous improvement.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

The success of Belong Solutions is entirely connected to giving back to our communities and ensuring employees have opportunities they might not otherwise have.

This is why we work closely with Correctional Industries to staff a portion of our contact centers with intelligent, driven women eager to learn business skills they can use for our clients and as they leave to pursue a career in the community. They are the most highly-trained, knowledgeable, dedicated and ambitious teleservices agents in the industry.
More than a unique business model, our commitment to social responsibility is a responsibility to do the best work possible for our clients while improving the lives of our employees and our community at large. By investing in our people, we see the highest results in the market. Our community investments extend well beyond Belong Solutions walls. We choose non-profit organizations to support annually. The non-profit organizations we’re currently supporting include: