Empowering with ‘True Data’

 “The Struggle to secure and authorize data often brings marketers to an edge of data-chaos. Only a license to quality data can give them the accuracy to turn it into data-intelligence”

 With the tremendous rise in technologies leading to excessive competition, marketers are accepting the need for the true-data that is not only clean accurate, and validated but also is secured and authorized. Identifying value in the potential long-termed agreements of using or reselling the marketing databases has made the marketers and business personnel to invest in the sources that can empower them with licensed data.

True-data-driven by innovative practices, latest business technologies, accurate, validated, updated.

Your challenges

  • Dependence on affiliated channels – not secured and time consuming
  • Limited data
  • Dearth of reliable options to find real-time databases
  • Low quality as B2B databases decays at a rate of 2.1% per month
  • Inaccuracy disables to find edge over competitors
  • Limited usability – high cost management
  • Disrupted business goals
  • Direct impact on conversions and ROI

Our solutions and your benefits

  • Licensed data saves you from depending on other channels to collect data
  • It gives the security and authority to use the data unlimitedly or to resell the data
  • Data that comes from reliable sources is credible
  • Data cleaning – the data will be cleaned, updated, and validation on a scheduled basis
  • Flexibility in receiving updates- weekly, quarterly or annually
  • The inclusive data appending services increase efficiency in deliverability
  • Customized contact-records enable targeted marketing
  • Consultation services-easy process to upgrade or renew the license

“Maintaining data and use it with precision is not less than science that might go difficult to simplify.  When you own the quality data, the science becomes easier to comprehend. So, why not pave the path to do it right with Belong Solutions Data Licensing Services? “

Ready to get to work?