About Us

It's our people and our innovation that drives results.

Belong Solutions is a global database company that provides sales and marketing solutions designed to acquire new business and accelerate revenue. We serve as strategic partners for our clients, dedicated to delivering exceptional results from the moment leads enter the sales pipeline to close.

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What We Do

Data Intelligence

35% of database records are not actionable, costing your business time and money on wasted marketing efforts.
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Data Licensing

The Struggle to secure and authorize data often brings marketers to an edge of data-chaos.
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Data Hygiene

Outdated lists are as good as last week’s potatoes. Append now for seamless campaign performance
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Market Research

Save Time, Money and Resources without having to compromise on the standards of service
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Account Intelligence

Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet
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Email campaign

Send the Right Email to the Right Prospect at the Right Time with Belong Solutions Email Marketing Services.
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Data appending

Belong Solutions offers E-mail and Data Appending services which help you append business E-mail addresses and missing contact information on your database.
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Our Team

JAMES Hooker

President & CEO

Vince Geraci

Senior VP of Operations

Lindsey Perry

Director of data intelligence

Laura Frederick

Head of global marketing

Frank Nguyen

Chief sales officer

Natalie J Gracia

Trade show and event manager

Sara Spencer

National Business manager

Chirstian Miller

Head of information technology

How We work

Less Me, More We

We stand strong by the virtue of our dexterous team of data scientists, marketing experts, data analysts, and professionals. Belong Solutions started off its journey with just 10 employees and grown up to be an organization that houses 120 plus employees who have been helping hundreds of clients traverse from good to greatness.

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We aren’t just business people, we’re relationship and people-driven. Our team of trained experts is dedicated to client success and satisfaction. We are the best in the business.


We leverage the right balance of experience, process, technology and innovation ideas to develop and deliver solutions. We stay on top of industry best practices and are continuously improving for complex environments.


We are in this together. Belong is your strategic partner, vested in your growth, and we prove it with measurable business impact tied directly to ROI.

Our Partners

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Our Clients say

“Belong Solution’s Audience Springboard solution has enabled us to effectively and efficiently reach and engage with the audiences that are essential for our business success. They utilize technology to drive data, marketing and business development in an extraordinary way. They are refreshingly transparent and a great asset to our organization.”

Steve Busch

Director of Sales
“-Belong Solutions has been an invaluable database and audience development partner. They have facilitated significant growth within our database and provided indispensable strategic support throughout the entire process. We have experienced 7x returns on every dollar spent through the proprietary audience database that Belong built. We look forward to improving upon these successes in the upcoming years.”

James Karklins

Vice President Regional Marketing
“Belong strategy is brilliant. They’ve capitalized on the value of our list while maintaining the integrity of our subscriber files. Their ability to leverage resources and technology to maximize our list assets is exceptional.”

Adam Reinebach

Marketing Manager
“Belong anticipated our needs and provided us with a complete blueprint of innovative ideas customized for publishing files. Their expertise in the B2B space is comforting and has made the list management transition seamless.”

Patty Perkins

VP Marketing

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