The Events industry is burgeoning and there is no scarcity of opportunities in this segment. If you have products, solutions and services that support the organizations, professionals, and decision makers in the events industry, or you wish to organize events, Belong Solutions Event Organizers Email Database can be your strategic resource.

Being in the database business for years, Belong Solutions has built a strong database of event organizers and associated decision makers to help you meet your marketing objectives in a successful manner.

Customize your list by:  Company size, Geographic Locations, Industry, Job Titles/ Functions, Technology, Tracking, Assets Size

Customize your List Based on Various Specifications


  • Charity Event Planners
  • Event & Convention Coordinators
  • Corporate Event Planners
  • Meeting and Conference Planners
  • Corporate Conference Planners
  • Business Meeting Planners
  • Convention Coordinators
  • Corporate Event and Meeting Planners
  • And More..!

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