The Front line of Accuracy

Losing the race with lapsed customer record? We can cut the chase. It’s probably time for spring cleaning.

“Outdated lists are as good as last week’s potatoes. Append now for seamless campaign performance”

Data hygiene is the process of detecting and correcting inaccurate records from your customer data file as well as preparing your data files for optimum direct marketing. Belong Solutions Marketing team is highly experienced in cleansing customer data and data hygiene best practices. We are experts in understanding CASS Certification vs. NCOA as well as proper data suppression services.

Data decay resulting from change in job roles, relocating/moving, bankruptcy, death etc. causes the average database to lose multiple records on a monthly basis.

As part of our Data Hygiene service, Belong Solutions would help you optimize your database for better marketing reach generating higher revenue for the entire organization.

Before executing email campaigns, utilize Belong Solutions full suite of data hygiene and suppression services to ensure that the addresses in your customer file are accurate and meet current postal guidelines. In turn, you’ll benefit from maximized postal discounts, higher deliverability rates, and increased responses.

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